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Project Title Procurement Type Funding Source Cost of Tender Document Language of Tender Document Publication Date Deadline for Submission of Bids Extended Deadline for Submission Part of Tender Document
Works related to the Closing of Tripoli Dumping Area Open
Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development
10 Nov 2022
7 Dec 2022
RFP for the Sustainability Study of Wastewater Services in Aitanit, Zahle and Anjar (QC3C6d) Qualified
International Bank for Reconstruction & Development (The World Bank)
Free English
21 Oct 2022
29 Nov 2022
EOI for the Preparation of a High Quality Short Documentary Movie and a Series of Five (5) Short Clips for the Roads and Employment Project (REP) Open
International Bank for Reconstruction & Development (The World Bank)
Free English
20 Oct 2022
15 Dec 2022
General Procurement Notice (GPN) for the Greater Tripoli Basin Wastewater Networks Open
European Investment Bank
Free English
19 Apr 2021
31 Dec 2022
Implementation of water projects and solar powered systems in Nabatiyeh and South Governorates, Lebanon. Publication reference: NEAR/BEY/2021/EA-LOP/0159
Implementation of municipal service delivery projects in Bekaa, Lebanon. Publication reference: NEAR/BEY/2021/EA-LOP/0152
Supplies to agricultural cooperatives and provision of tools for the extension program in the Litani River Basin. Publication Reference: NEAR/BEY/2021/EA-OP/0148
Enhancement of the operation of hydropower plant of Litani River Authority (LRA), Machgara,West Bekaa, Lebanon. Publication Reference: NEAR/BEY/2021/EA-LOP/0150
Enhancement of the Operation and maintenance of the Jeb Jannine Waste Water Treatment Plant and Briquetting Facility in Qaraoun, WestBekaa, Lebanon. Publication Reference: NEAR/BEY/2021/EA-OP/0134
Supply of four (4) Hybrid Buses, Zahle, Bekaa, Lebanon. Reference Number: NEAR/BEY/2021/EA-OP/0129
Implementation of Infrastructure projects in the Bekaa region, Lebanon /Lot no 1: water projects and Lot no 2: solar powered systems for water sources Reference: NEAR/BEY/2021/EA-LOP/0112
Provision of Supervision Services for Infrastructure Projects along the Litani River Basin (LRB) Publication Reference: NEAR/BEY/2021/EA-RP/0040
Provision of certified accelerated vocational training for youth in the Litani - Publication Reference: NEAR/BEY/2021/EA-RP/0002
Provision of Services to Address the Agricultural Pollution in the Litani River Basin (LRB) Reference number: NEAR/BEY/2021/EA-RP/0001
Provision of two (2) Mini Vans and one (1) Backhoe Loader to the Litani River Authority (LRA) Beirut – Lebanon Publication reference: NEAR/BEY/2020/EA-LOP/0027
Double cabin Pick up truck, five (5) Motorcycles and one (1) Backhoe loader for Litani River Authority (LRA) Beirut - Lebanon Publication reference: EuropeAid/ 140-810/ID/SUP/LB
Technical Assistance to the local Dialogue Platform & Capacity Building to Union of Municipalities - EuropeAid/ 140556/ IH/ SER/ MULTI
Provision of Technical Assistance to private enterprises to become environmentally compliant and Business Advisory Services to SMEs along the Litani River Basin